KBShimmer Seas the Day Collection

I used to have a pretty extensive nail polish collection. It was a little out of control if I'm being completely honest! I've learned to pair down my favorites and get shades that are unique to my collection so I'll enjoy all of them. I lean toward neutrals, but this time of year I love getting some bright shades, especially for my toes! KBShimmer launched their Seas the Day Collection just in time for those summertime neon cravings. This collection has 10 shades - 7 bleached neon and 3 coordinating multi-chrome glitters to add a little pop of color.. or sparkle, to your summer style.

KBShimmer Seas The Day  |  Lusterhood


If you're new to KBShimmer, here are some of the highlights of the brand.
  • - Cruelty Free
  • - Vegan
  • - 5-free
  • - Free of Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate, Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Parabens, Toluene, Xylene
KBShimmer Seas The Day  |  Lusterhood

Bleached Neons

Bored Shorts - faded orchid purple cream
Guava Nice Day - neon coral cream
Harbor A Crush - soft blue cream
Lime All Right - pale green cream
Papaya Don't Preach - bright orange cream
Pink or Swim - bright pink cream
Sand By Me - lemon yellow cream

Application - For best results I found that two coats gave full opacity with these creams. They applied smoothly and evenly. My current favorite combo is Bored Shorts on my fingers and Guava Nice Day on my toes. So pretty.

KBShimmer Seas The Day  |  Lusterhood


Nauti Girl - multichrome with reflects of fuchsia, green, orange and gold
Off Tropic - multichrome of rainbow hues
Party Like A Guac Star - multichrome with reflects of green, pink and gold

Application - For best results, I tapped the glitter on with the brush so it stayed in place. Doing this in two coats gave a great effect. I do recommend using these as a top coat over your favorite shade.

KBShimmer Seas The Day swatches  |  Lusterhood
L to R  |  Bored Shorts, Guava Nice Day, Harbor A Crush, Lime All Right, Papaya Don't Preach, Pink or Swim, Sand By Me, Nauti Girl, Off Tropic, Party Like A Guac Star

What is your favorite shade from the KBShimmer Seas the Day Collection??


KBShimmer Seas the Day

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