Nuby NanaNubs Teething Toothbrush

When my twins are teething it's hard to find the same style teether that they both like. However, they both happen to love their NanaNubs from Nuby! You've probably seen these adorable banana teethers everywhere, but did you know they were so reasonable and easy to find? These little gems can be found right at your local Walmart for under $5.

Nuby Nananubs Teething Toothbrush  |  Lusterhood
Both of my twins love the gentle silicone massaging bristles on Nuby's teethers. With the addition of these bristles on the end of the NanaNubs, they're able to get relief and gentle massaging even for their back teeth as their molars come in. The silicone bristles also help provide gentle cleaning for baby's new teeth before they're ready for a standard toothbrush. You can read about Nuby's 4 Stage Oral Care Set here.

My daughter officially has 4 molars in and when they were just beginning to break through, she definitely let us know! Having the NanaNubs allowed her to chew more on the side and reach those difficult areas. With the banana peel "handle," she's able to hold the teether very easily and I know it won't go back too far in her mouth. Function and safety is a must! Plus, as with most of Nuby's teethers, you can put the NanaNubs right in the dishwasher to keep it sanitary.

Nuby Nananubs Teething Toothbrush  |  Lusterhood

Nuby's NanaNubs is also very travel-friendly. Both of my twins' NanaNubs fit easily into our small travel bags so they're easy to find and stay clean at the same time. The banana peel handle also allows for links to be attached so it won't fall on the ground if you're out and about with your little one!

Nuby's NanaNubs teether is BPA free, 100% silicone and suitable for babies 3 months+.


Nuby NanaNubs Teething Toothbrush

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