Introducing New Sippy Cups with Nuby

Mealtime with twins can be really crazy. But it's also a time for our one year olds to explore new flavors and try new things, which they love. Transitioning to a new cup can be tricky, especially when they've grown used to a particular style or shape. In this post I'm sharing just a few tips on how to introduce new cups to your little one so you can get passed those bottles! We've got the Nuby 360 Sipper cups for our twins which can be used at any angle, won't spill and have soft spouts for our little teethers.

Nuby 360 Sipper Blue and Pink |  Lusterhood

Tip 1 - Introduce the cup at a time they're not used to drinking.

Our twins have been on a schedule from the moment I was able to get them on one. It's so much easier! They know when to expect table food, milk, and of course, sleep. When it's milk time, they're both really thirsty and that's not the right time to be bringing in an unfamiliar cup. Instead, I introduce the new cup when they're having finger food, so they can explore and drink as much as they want. This way, it's not forced, they're not depending on it to fill them up, and it's less pressure to make it work. The Nuby 360 Sipper is great because the bottom has silicone and won't slip off their trays as they're exploring.

Nuby 360 Sipper Blue  |  Lusterhood

Tip 2 - Introduce the cup with their familiar drink.

If you give your little one a new cup with juice they've never had before, they may have no interest in trying it at all. When I give my twins new cups to try, I just put a bit of their usual milk in it, so it's a familiar drink. That way, when they get the hang of the cup, there's a familiar taste to go along with it and they're happy to keep sipping!

Nuby 360 Sipper Pink  |  Lusterhood

Tip 3 - Don't force it.

There's nothing worse than pushing something new in your routine. A slow transition, without pressure will yield better results than forcing the situation. So don't throw out your old cups, give your little one time to try the new style several times before giving up! Even if all they do the first few times is chew on it.

Ready to try a new cup for your little one? The Nuby 360 Sipper is BPA free, holds 10oz and comes in a convenient 2 pack.


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