Nuby Oral Care Set

Nuby's 4 Stage Oral Care Set has everything we need to care for our twins' teeth. It features four different brushes to take you through every stage, from massaging sensitive gums, all the way up to their first toothbrush.

Nuby Oral Care Set  |  Lusterhood

What's Included

The four brushes included in this set include: silicone massager, soft gum massager, teething massager, and a nylon bristle brush.

Silicone Massager - The first stage brush in this set is the silicone massager for babies under 3 months. This brush has soft bristles to gently care for baby's gums. It easily fits on your finger and has three different textured surfaces, depending on your little one's preference.

Soft Gum Massager - The second stage brush is the soft gum massager, designed for babies 3 months and up. This brush gently massages baby's gums while giving the feeling of a real toothbrush. I love the silicone design and ease of cleaning!

Teething Massager - The third stage brush is the teething massager, one of my favorites in this set. This brush helps massage gums and clean teeth for little ones 11 months and up. I feel like this brush and the soft gum massager can be used interchangeably during teething. They both offer gentle relief and aren't irritating on sensitive gums.

Nylon Bristle Brush - The last stage brush in this set is the nylon bristle brush. This is a great first toothbrush for your toddler when they're ready to begin learning to brush on their own. Just add your favorite toothpaste and you're good to go!

Nuby Oral Care Set  |  Lusterhood

Stand - Each Nuby Oral Care Set comes with a convenient stand with a place for every brush in the set. They stay clean and within reach whenever you need them.

The Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set comes in blue, pink and red. You can find it on Amazon and below on


Nuby 4 Stage Oral Care Set

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