Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder

It seems like I blinked and my twins turned one. They're both more mobile than ever, reaching new milestones and my son's favorite, trying all sorts of new foods. As much as I want them to expand their palettes, some foods are harder for them to try than others. Nuby's Nibbler mesh feeder allows them to try all those new flavors, without worry about choking.

Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder  |  Lusterhood

My four year old loves fresh fruit so I'm really hoping my twins follow in her footsteps. To get them used to those flavors, we can put pieces of them in the Nuby Nibbler so they can enjoy them all together. 

Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder  |  Lusterhood

Each feeder features an easy grip handle, locking system for safety, and convenient cover for travel. I love seeing my twins enjoy new foods. I also love being able to get things done in the kitchen while they're eating. The handles on these feeders are easy for them to hold onto and keep them busy, while allowing them to try new flavors at the same time. The locking system ensures they can't open the feeders and the mess is minimized too. These feeders can also help your little ones with teething. Foods can be frozen and placed in a Nibbler to soothe sore gums. When you're going out or traveling, the cover keeps the feeders clean and dry between feedings.

Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder  |  Lusterhood

Some great options to put in this feeder include:

Frozen yogurt cubes
Any of baby's favorites chilled to soothe gums

Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder  |  Lusterhood

What I also like about these feeders is that it helps my son pace himself while eating. He will put everything on his tray in his mouth at once, so we have to give him a small portion at a time. With this feeder, he can constantly be tasting the food without worry of choking or eating too fast. So helpful!

Cleaning Tip - Prior to washing, soak mesh in soapy water to loosen any food particles.


Nuby Nibbler Mesh Feeder

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