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So far this cold season has already taken its toll and there's no escaping our busy schedule, especially with all our kids being sick at once. Having just a few minutes of "me" time during their nap or after they go to bed is really important! When Robin McGraw Revelation sent over some of their skincare I couldn't wait to start pampering. I've got a couple of their amazing facial scrubs as well as a variety of masks to indulge in when I have those few, precious moments of peace and quiet.

Robin McGraw Skincare Review  |  Lusterhood

Robin McGraw Revelation Twinkle Twinkle, You're A Star

I love a good exfoliator, but this product goes above and beyond just sloughing off dead skin! Twinkle Twinkle, You're A Star benefits skin in multiple ways:

1. Evens skintone and reduces appearance of dark spots
2. Detoxifies skin
3. Refines pores
4. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
5. Brightens for a youthful glow

As someone who has oily and acne prone skin, I love the addition of Bentonite Clay in this scrub. This clay is key in detoxifying the skin without being too harsh or irritating. I appreciate that added benefit without having to use additional skin clearing products in my routine - such a time saver!

Robin McGraw Revelation Polish to Perfection

For exfoliation with anti-aging benefits, Polish to Perfection is a must-have staple in your skincare routine. This scrub:

1. Exfoliates for a luminous complexion
2. Protects against free radicals
3. Reduces inflammation + irritation
4. Promotes cell renewal
5. Moisturizes + plumps fine lines and wrinkles

I personally love rotating these two exfoliators in my collection. When my skin is pretty clear, I lean toward Polish to Perfection for my usual exfoliation about 2-3 times a week. I noticed a difference in my skin the first time I used this scrub. My skin felt silky, hydrated, and my makeup application was so much smoother. Love.

Robin McGraw Skincare Review  |  Lusterhood

Robin McGraw New Sheet Masks

When I have a few extra minutes on my hands, I love using masks to really nourish and treat my skin. Robin McGraw's new sheet masks cover all the bases - hydration, anti-aging, brightening and my personal favorite - under eye recovery masks! Each of these masks is made with coconut-derived bio-cellulose fibers that help the masks fit securely, maximizing the effectiveness of the serums. Here are the key ingredients in each mask:

Hydrating + Firming Mask

Orchid Stem Cells - hydrate + provide anti-oxidants
Vitamin B3 - reduces appearance of fine lines

Brightening + Spot Lightening Mask

Grape Leaf Extract - brightens
Centella Asiatica Extract - boost collagen
Vitamin B3 - reduces appearance of fine lines

Fine Lines + Wrinkles Mask

Peach Blossom Stem Cells - antioxidant that reduces redness + provides UV protection

Under Eye Recovery Mask

CoQ10 + Collageneer - boosts collagen + elastin
Hyaluronic Acid - hydrates + plumps

Each of these masks only takes 15-20 minutes to use so it's a great way to boost your skincare routine, without a huge time commitment. I also love popping the eye masks in the fridge for a refreshing boost in the morning! What are some of your favorite masking tips?


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