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No matter how exhausted I get, I always look forward to washing my face before bed. It's a sign that I've made it through another crazy day with three little ones, and it's officially my time to relax. (Insert sigh of relief here!) Skin and Senses makes an extensive line of skincare from cleansers to toners to night creams so all your essentials are covered. I've been using their Bamboo + Green Tea Cleansing Scrub followed by their Jade Face Roller for a deep down clean with added anti-aging benefits.

Skin and Senses Skincare  |  Lusterhood
Cleansing Scrub

Nothing beats a good scrub. This time of year, dry, dull patches rear their ugly head and ruin any hope of a smooth makeup application. That's why exfoliating is always at the top of my list. Skin and Senses' Bamboo + Green Tea Cleansing Scrub is a very dense scrub. What do I mean by that? The bamboo powder is so fine that you only need the tiniest bit to thoroughly exfoliate your entire face. This scrub is also formulated with BHA to clarify the skin and essential oils to leave it feeling smooth with every use. It's a powerhouse of skin-loving ingredients that's really improved the look and feel of my skin in a very short time. My skin is clearer, smoother and my pores look more refined. An absolute must for this fall and winter. // Retail: $28

Skin and Senses Skincare  |  Lusterhood

Jade Roller

Whether you use this roller alone or in combination with your skincare, it really is a soothing, calming experience. The stone itself is cold to the touch but can also be placed in the fridge or freezer for an increased cooling effect. To use, just roll from the center of the face, outward and up for 4-6 times in each area. This Jade Facial Roller should be used on clean skin but can also be used to enhance your skin serums to maximize effectiveness. Just be sure to clean after each use. // Retail: $26

Overall benefits include:

- Improved circulation
- Reduced puffiness
- Smoothed fine lines
- Increased collagen production
- Flushed toxins

Skin and Senses Skincare  |  Lusterhood

Skin and Senses skincare makes great gifts for anyone on your list and they also make perfect stocking stuffers. Their line is comprised of body, face and even pregnancy safe skincare products. They are cruelty free, natural, vegan and free of parabens, phthalates, GMO, fillers and artificial colors. Their seasonal scent Pumpkin Cashmere is also available, but for a limited time! Explore their entire line below.


Skin and Senses Skincare

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