Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron

I try to keep my haircare routine pretty minimal using quality products for fast, long-lasting results. In between washes I always use dry shampoo to provide volume and absorb excess oil. Sometimes I just want an extra boost of volume without added product and that's where Voloom's Volumizing Hair Iron comes in! With this tool I get quick, effortless volume in a matter of a couple minutes.

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron  |  Lusterhood

Heat styling tools are staples in my routine whether it's to dry my hair or give it a finishing touch between washes. Flat irons are great for smooth hair, but if I use them toward the root of my long, thick hair, my hair has absolutely no life to it. When I saw there was something to add long-lasting volume to my hair without the need for additional product, I was instantly intrigued!

The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron comes in three versions - Classic for long/thick hair, Petite for mid-length, medium-thickness hair, and Rootie for shorter, thinner hair. My hair is long and thick so I have the Classic Version.

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron  |  Lusterhood

What's Included

With each Voloom Iron you get a storage cover, 3 hair clips and a teasing brush with sectioning end to help separate hair layers as you style.

How To

The Voloom Volumizing Iron is unlike any flat iron or curling iron in your collection. It is used on the underneath layers of your hair to create full, natural volume. 

1. Part your hair as usual.

2. Starting on one side, take a one inch section of the top layer along your part and clip on the opposite side.

3. Take a small layer of hair about an inch away from your hairline.

4. Using small, quick motions, clamp the layer of hair at the root, then move down the hair shaft 2-4 times.

5. Continue with the layers of hair until you've reached desired volume.

6. Unclip top layer and put back in place.

7. Repeat process on opposite side + style.

Want to see it in action? Voloom has a great instructional video you can see here!

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron  |  Lusterhood

So how does Voloom work? The plates on this iron are like interlocking grids that create air pockets of volume. After your hair is treated, you're left with a natural lift at the root. Initially, you will see a slight imprint in your hair but that doesn't last and can be brushed when you style your hair. It will fade gradually as your hair cools and gets covered with the top, untreated layers of hair.

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron  |  Lusterhood


1. Ceramic coated plates for gentle, effective styling.
2. LED temperature display + fast heating
3. Ionic technology for protecting hair
4. Locking switch to keep iron closed + safe for travel
5. 30 minute automatic shut off

I was honestly shocked how quick and easy this iron was to use. You can experiment with the temperature settings, depending on your hair's thickness and length. I started at a lower temperature (350) and worked up a bit just to see how my hair did. Below are the recommended temperature settings for different hair types:

Short/fine hair: 320-350 degrees
Normal/medium hair: 350-375 degrees
Thick/course hair: 370-390

I've never been a fan of teasing my hair (knot central, no thank you!) or piling on product (yuck) so discovering this iron has been a lifesaver. I get quick, long-lasting volume that I can achieve whether I've just washed my hair, or on my second or third day hair. No more settling for dull, limp hair between washes. This iron literally breathes new life into my locks, so I can spend less energy on styling my hair and focus on keeping up with my 3 little ones!


Voloom Volumizing Iron

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