Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball

My twins are at an age where they are teething and enjoying interactive play. Many of their toys serve one of those purposes, but the new Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball is great for their sensitive gums as well as enjoying playtime with each other.

Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball Review  |  Lusterhood

The Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball is 100% silicone, gentle on sensitive gums, easy to clean and encourages interactive play and hand-eye coordination. It comes in four colors: blue, aqua, pink and red.

Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball Review  |  Lusterhood

We've officially entered the land of sitting up, more interactive play, and babies scooting in all directions at our house. Playtime has gotten a lot more crazy and hectic, but it's also gotten a lot more fun too. My twins have been loving their Nuby Tuggy Teething Balls. They're really easy for them to hold on to so they can play with them on the floor, their seats or high chairs. My son took to chewing on his teething ball immediately! He was able to grasp it, hold tight and chew for minutes on end. Thankfully these teething balls are silicone so clean up was a snap!

Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball Review  |  Lusterhood

When it's time for playtime on the floor as a family, the Nuby Tuggy Teething Balls also get a lot of attention as my kids roll them to each other. I see these being entertaining beyond their teething months so that's a major bonus. My son has the aqua ball and my daughter has the pink. I just love the colors! And of course it's easy to tell them apart. Also, if you want to travel with them, these teething balls are easy to squish and pack up for on-the-go. These have definitely been one of our favorite new releases from Nuby.

What do you look for in teething toys for your little ones? We love the easy clean up of our Nuby teethers! Check out even more of our Nuby favorites.


Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball Aqua
Nuby Tuggy Teething Ball Pink

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