Nuby iMonster No Spill Cup

Having twins has been so exhausting that I actually look forward to big milestones and seeing them grow out of baby stages. One thing I'm looking forward to is completely transitioning to sippy cups! My son has gotten the hang of a cup sooner than my daughter so I was excited to give him his new Nuby iMonster No Spill Cup!

Nuby iMonster No Spill Cup  |  Lusterhood


Like Nuby's other sippy cups, the iMonster No Spill Cup has a durable design made of BPA free plastic. It holds 11oz of liquid so there's more than enough capacity for your little one's drinks. The spout is made of soft silicone which is gentle on gums and makes an easier switch from bottle to cup. My son has held his bottles really well so I like that this cup has no handles for a seamless transition.

Nuby iMonster No Spill Cup  |  Lusterhood

One of my favorite things about the iMonster No Spill Cup is the spout and lid design. The silicone spout piece is as wide as the lid so it fits in securely and won't leak all over the place. It's also really easy to take apart and put back together. Considering the amount of wear our cups and bottles go through, I love how durable this particular mouth piece seems. I'm not worried about my son chewing on it too much or having it wear out wash after wash. Also, the monster design is adorable!

Nuby has a lot of sippy cups to choose from and for all different stages too. My older daughter loves their straw cups for school and spoutless cups for home. Now we're going to explore even more Nuby sippy cups as the twins find their own favorites! What are your kids' favorite cups from Nuby?


Nuby iMonster No Spill Cup

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