How to Extend Your Hairstyle With Voloom

Our 90 degree weather hasn't exactly put me in the fall spirit. However, with the start of school, the release of everything pumpkin and fall decorations taking over stores, I'm really craving my favorite season! Along with those familiar smells and cooling temps comes a more hectic schedule. I'm always looking for ways to extend my hairstyle between washes. I'm ready with my Voloom Very Airy Dry Shampoo and Very Airy Fairy Dust to keep my hair looking fresh - even on the third day.

Voloom Very Airy Dry Shampoo and Fairy Dust  |  Lusterhood
Coffee and dry shampoo - two things I can't live without as a mama of three. Take those away and I'm a complete mess. I love finding new dry shampoos and products that maintain my style when I have no time to wash my hair. Voloom's Dry Shampoo and Fairy Dust are two new additions to my routine that give my hair a boost and you'd never know how long it's been since I washed it.

Voloom Very Airy Dry Shampoo

Voloom's Dry Shampoo has become a staple in my routine. It feels weightless in my hair, absorbs oil with natural clay, adds volume and protects my hair from heat styling. My hair is very thick and heavy so I don't want products building up and weighing it down. I hate running my fingers through my hair and feeling product - just not my thing! Voloom's Very Airy Dry Shampoo is low residue so my hair looks and feels clean days after my last shampoo. // Retail: $19.95

Voloom Very Airy Fairy Dust

I'm a sucker for anything fairy related, but this really is a standout hair product! I always love the initial volume my hair has right after blow drying. However, it fades a day or so after washing. Voloom's Fairy Dust is that magical touch it needs for an extra boost with no build-up. So what is it? Very Airy Fairy Dust is a lightweight powder that gets sprinkled on the roots of your hair for oil absorption and added volume. It's like a dry shampoo and volumizer in one. Like the Voloom Dry Shampoo, the Fairy Dust contains natural clay which absorbs oil, helping refresh your style with each use. Just sprinkle a very small amount at the root and work in with your finger tips.  // Retail: $15.95


Voloom Very Airy Dry Shampoo
Voloom Very Airy Fairy Dust

Whether you're a student, mom or just have a hectic daily schedule that leaves you little time for hair styling, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver! What are your favorite tips for extending your hairstyle?

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