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Pretend play is definitely a favorite in our house. My four year old is very nurturing, loves caring for dolls and of course, helping with our twins. Now, with the generosity of Adora Play, all three of my little ones can enjoy dolls that will encourage nurturing and imagination for years. We have the Adora Play Adoption BabyAdoption Baby Essentials Gift Set and the new Adora Play Later Alligator Twins Gift Set. Stay tuned for the end of this post for a coupon code and details on a giveaway!

Adora Play Adoption Baby Cherish  |  Lusterhood
Adora Play Adoption Baby

Adora Play Adoption Babies come in five adorable styles with varying skin tones and eye colors. We have Cherish, which has fair skin and brown eyes (just like my four year old!). So what's included? Each Adoption Baby comes with a sleeper, matching hat, hospital bracelet, cozy blanket, diaper, pacifier and adoption certificate for your little one to fill out. Adoption Babies are 16" long, feature beautiful detail and soft, bean bag bodies.

Adora Play Adoption Baby Cherish  |  Lusterhood

My daughter loves the realistic look and feel of her baby doll. Her eyes open and close, she feels "heavy" just like a real baby, and my daughter even noticed her tiny fingernail detailing on her hands, so sweet!

Adora Play Adoption Baby Cherish  |  Lusterhood

After seeing us calm our twins in the early months, my daughter knew just what to do in order to care for her baby doll. She had the pacifier ready and wrapped her up in her special blanket that has velcro so she could swaddle her like a real baby.

Adora Play Adoption Baby Essentials Set  |  Lusterhood

Adoption Baby Essentials Set - It's A Girl

For even more fun with the Adoption Babies, Adora Play makes a set with all the accessories you need. The Adoption Baby Essentials Set comes with 8 pieces - a bed, blanket, diaper, bunny, outfit, headband, bib and bottle.

Adora Play Adoption Baby Essentials Set  |  Lusterhood

My daughter's favorite thing so far is feeding her doll just like she sees us feeding her brother and sister. The milk in the bottle "disappears" as her baby drinks too! When feeding time is over, she tucks her baby into her cozy bed that's just her size with her plush bunny.

Adora Play Adoption Baby Cherish  |  Lusterhood

Seeing my daughter enjoy her baby doll so much is really nostalgic for me. I remember loving to play with dolls when I was little too. In a time where we rely so much on technology, I love that she finds so much joy in her new Adora Play Adoption Baby!

Adora Play Later Alligator Twin Gift Set  |  Lusterhood

Later Alligator Twin Gift Set

Adora Play's newest addition is their adorable Later Alligator Twin Gift Set. This set includes a boy and girl doll each outfitted with a shirt, overalls, and matching hat. The accessories include 2 plush alligator blankies, 2 bottles, 2 bibs, a spoon, fork, and plate. One of the best features is that these dolls are machine washable!

Adora Play Later Alligator Twin Gift Set  |  Lusterhood

A lot of multi-pack toys or other kids' items are geared for just girls or boys so I'm loving that this set has a doll for both my twins to love. The size is just right for them to hold and cuddle and soon they'll learn about the babies' realistic features. I remember my older daughter learning about things like her eyes, ears and nose by looking at her dolls. I can't wait to see my twins learn and enjoy these baby dolls as they grow!

Adora Play Later Alligator Twin Gift Set  |  Lusterhood

Want to win a Later Alligator Twin Gift Set for your little ones? Head over to my Instagram and find the original giveaway photo for all the details!

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Adora Play Adoption Babies
Adora Play Adoption Baby Essentials Set 
Adora Play Later Alligator Twin Gift Set

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