SmitCo Jewelry for Girls

Playing dress up was one of the first things I remember loving when I was little. It was something I enjoyed with my sister and now I get to see my four year old enjoy it as well! One thing she particularly loves is accessorizing with necklaces and bracelets. SmitCo makes adorable sets in different colors to go with all her dress up clothes. We have the Pink Stretch Necklace Set which includes a necklace, bracelet and ring.

SmitCo Gifts Girl Jewelry | Lusterhood

Part of what my daughter loves about dressing up is that she can choose outfits and change them all by herself. It's how she practiced and learned to get dressed without our help. The SmitCo necklace set allows her to add accessories on her own because there are no difficult clasps or hooks to figure out. It has strong elastic that is easy to slip on and off whenever she wants to change her outfit. This encourages her to be independent, and comes in really handy when our hands are full with the twins!

SmitCo Gifts Girl Jewelry | Lusterhood

The SmitCo Pink Stretch Necklace set features pink and purple wooden beads with a floral accent. SmitCo makes other jewelry sets with different flowers, butterflies and bows to coordinate with any of your little one's dresses or play costumes.

Budget Friendly Tip

With Halloween coming up, these are great sets to add to princess or fairy costumes that your little one can continue playing with throughout the year! Also, you can save 20% on SmitCo gifts for girls with code N3CQD6AE.


SmitCo makes jewelry and craft sets that make great gifts for birthdays or the holidays. Other products include journals, stationary sets, nail polish kits, and coloring sets. Shop SmitCo gifts here.

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