Daffadoot Crib Wedge Review

As much as I'm looking forward to my daughter enjoying school in the fall, I'm definitely not looking forward to all the germs. Colds are inevitable in any household and having sick babies can make it even more difficult. I feel a bit more prepared this year with our DaffaDoot Crib Wedge which can make sleeping much more comfortable for my babies if they get colds.

Daffadoot Crib Wedge  |  Lusterhood


The DaffaDoot Crib Wedge is designed to provide a safe incline (12 degrees) so your little one can sleep better.  It can be especially helpful if your baby has reflux or a cold. Not being able to give my babies any cold medicine is rough, I'll admit it. When my older daughter got colds I remember rolling up a towel to put under her mattress to help her sleep more comfortably. However, it would always get squished and end up causing more headache than actually helping. A crib wedge is the perfect solution for a safe, comfortable sleep.

Daffadoot Crib Wedge  |  Lusterhood

Daffadoot Crib Wedge  |  Lusterhood

Sizing + Materials

The DaffaDoot Crib Wedge is 27.5" wide which will fit most standard crib or toddler beds. It features a non-skid bottom which prevents slipping so it stays right where you need it. It also has a waterproof and stain-proof cover that can easily be wiped clean.

Daffadoot Crib Wedge  |  Lusterhood


So how do you use the DaffaDoot Crib Wedge? This wedge is meant to be placed underneath the head of a crib/toddler mattress. (*It is never safe to place this or any other plush item on your baby's bed.) Be sure there are no gaps and it is placed against the end of the bed or crib.

Budget Friendly Tip

DaffaDoot is offering my readers a discount so you can save 20% on their crib wedge with code HWBLFYLE.


DaffaDoot Crib Wedge on Amazon

This year I'm preparing for cold season ahead of time so we're not caught off guard. What are some of your tips for getting through sickness with your little ones? Comment below or on my social media!

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