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I'm a huge fan of hair oils, especially those that can be used on wet or dry hair. White Sands Orchids Oil is one of these multi-tasking products that can improve the look and health of your hair. Whether your hair needs a little TLC from sun damage or extra moisture from excess heat styling, this all-encompassing oil has you covered.

White Sands Orchids Oil Review  |  Lusterhood

The Science  |  Each bottle of White Sands Orchids Oil is made from 62 varieties of orchid flowers. Orchids contain a longevity molecule, meaning it doesn't deteriorate. What does this mean for your hair? Well, each strand of your hair lives for about 3-4 years. Orchid Oil can keep the hair cuticle in the best shape possible during this time.

The Benefits  |  The White Sands Orchids Oil provides multiple benefits for hair. These include hydration, frizz control, reduced drying time, increased strength and softness, and detangling for easy styling. This oil is also formulated without harsh chemicals or silicone. As a result, hair isn't weighed down and can maintain its style throughout the day.

The Uses  |  This oil can be applied on wet hair prior to styling or as a booster between washings to provide shine and frizz control. I've enjoyed using this oil both ways. On my wet hair, I apply a small amount just before styling. It helps keep my hair smoother for blow drying and also reduces the time it takes to style. (One of my favorite benefits!) On second day hair, I use as little as possible and focus from mid-length to ends. Any residual that's left, I apply to flyaways. My hair is never left feeling greasy or oily. It just gets a smooth, glossy finish to perk up between washings.

I see this oil being helpful especially in the fall and winter when my hair is particularly dry. I've tried to give my hair a little break from heat styling this summer, but my favorite style is still blow dried with a round brush. With this oil, I save time and preserve my style so I can focus on keeping after my toddler and twins. I'm definitely looking forward to using this oil more in the next new months as school starts! What is your must-have haircare product? Do you love hair oils too? Shop below on the White Sands website.

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