Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate Koala

One of my four year old's favorite characters is Buster Moon from the movie Sing. She has a plush toy which is her favorite, but when I saw Nuby's Koala Miracle Mat I knew she'd think of it as her Buster plate. We're big fans of the Nuby Miracle Mats and I love discovering all the shapes they offer. They're great for our toddler and also our twins as they begin to explore finger foods.

Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Koala Blue  |  Lusterhood

I don't know about your kids, but when my four year old starts to love a certain character, she talks about it every single day. She even pretends Buster comes along with us in the car or to school. When I saw Nuby's Koala Miracle Mat, I knew it would be her favorite in our collection. We have the blue plate, which is perfect because Buster wears a blue suit! Other colors include aqua, red, and green.

Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Koala Blue  |  Lusterhood

Nuby's Miracle Mats have great size sections for all different kinds of food, including liquidy or messy meals. Fruit cups, syrup and ketchup are just some of the favorites we put in the smaller sections of these plates. The mess stays contained and it's really easy to clean up whether you hand wash or throw it in the dishwasher. There are no seams for food to get stuck and there's no staining so they last through multiple kids.

Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Koala Blue  |  Lusterhood

Another reason we love the Nuby Miracle Mats is that they don't budge thanks to the non-slip base. Our twins haven't started finger foods yet, but when they do, these mats are going to come in really handy. They grip on to high chair trays or tables, depending on where your little one sits. Above, you can see how well these mats fit on a standard high chair tray. I can't wait for my twins to try these!

Whether you're looking for a classic shape or your little one's favorite animal, there are a lot of Miracle Mats to choose from! You can check out our other shapes here. These plates are 100% silicone and PVC, phthalate and BPA free. Shop below for the Koala Miracle Mat.


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