Nuby Silicone Bibs

Silicone bibs offer great mess protection that's easy to clean whether you're home or on-the-go. With our twins eating more solid foods our messes have definitely multiplied, so we've gotten prepared with Nuby's 3D Silicone Bibs. These silicone bibs have size adjustments so they can grow with your little one from 6 months and up. They make mealtime for our twins a lot easier!

Nuby Silicone Bibs Animal  |  Lusterhood

Nuby's 3D Silicone Bibs come in different color varieties with animals - red with a monkey, and the two we have - purple with an owl and yellow with a lion. The texture of these bibs is incredibly soft and they're made with BPA free silicone. Clean-up is really easy because they can be wiped clean after use and left out to dry. If you're traveling, these bibs also roll up for packing in your diaper bag.

Nuby Silicone Bibs Animal  |  Lusterhood

One of my favorite features of these silicone bibs is the different size adjustments. There are two "buttons" and four openings where you can place them to get the perfect fit. The neck doesn't gap or let food escape so mealtime is as clean as it can get with these bibs! My daughter is very petite, even at 8 months, so this bib will definitely last her a long time. She already reaches for things in the scoop even when she's not eating. My son loves his bib too, especially chewing on the scoop part (thankfully while it's empty!).

Although we haven't traveled with our twins yet, I know it's inevitable. Having Nuby's 3D Silicone Bibs will come in really handy for messes on-the-go. For now we're enjoying them at home as our twins begin finger foods. You can find these silicone bibs below on Nuby's website. What are your favorite kids' mealtime products from Nuby?

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