Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review

When we needed a high chair for my first daughter, we researched and settled on the Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair. Why? It gave us the functionality we needed with a simple, user-friendly design. Now, four years later, we have twins and purchased a second one. We love it as much as we did the first time around!

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood
When we found out we were having twins, I tried to think of all the things that made life easier with our older daughter. One of those was definitely our Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair. Bringing it out of storage for our next baby was a given. Buying a second was a relief, knowing we'd have a reliable, easy to use high chair for both babies... no matter how crazy our life was about to become! In this review I'll go over every aspect in detail, as a parent who's had it for quite a few years and loved it so much to buy a second.

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood

Cushion  |  We have the Graphite cushion for our high chair, but they also have Apple Green, Blue, and Mocha. Oxo also sells cushions separately so you can always have a spare on hand. We have an extra for each chair in case one needs to be washed. (Double the mess over here!) My daughter (left) is in our original high chair from four years ago with a new cushion. The older one was a bit less plush and doesn't have the Oxo logo. My son (right) is in the new version we just purchased a couple months ago. The cushion is easily wiped clean but can also be machine washed and laid out to dry. (overnight does the trick).  Removal is also easy. The cushion wraps around the top of the seat and there are plastic fasteners that just snap into the seat to hold it in place.

Tray  |  The Seedling's tray has a one-hand adjustment and stays level when placed on a tabletop. The top portion is removable for easy cleaning and there are no seams or edges for food to get caught (love). Even four years later we haven't seen any staining on our original high chair, so that's fantastic if you want to keep it for a future baby!

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood

Frame  |  The frame of the Seedling High Chair is sturdy metal on locking castor wheels. It's really very durable. My daughter's original high chair has been loved a lot, wheeled all over, moved from another house, brought out of storage and still looks fabulous. The back of the high chair frame also has a convenient crossbar to hang the tray. There are no metal pieces sticking out, the tray just curves around the bar for secure storage.

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood

Seat  |  This high chair has 3 reclining positions and 5 height adjustments so it can easily adapt to different stages. To recline, just squeeze the button on the back of the chair and tilt back. To adjust the height, squeeze the buttons on either side of the seat and raise or lower to desired height.

Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood

Having placed my older daughter in other high chairs, I have to say I love the depth of the Seedling High Chair. It's deeper than other seats and has a crotch post built in so your little one stays secure as you're fastening the straps. As you can see, my twins are happy as can be in their high chairs!

Oxo Seedling High Chair Review  |  Lusterhood

Straps  |  The 5 point harness is easily adjustable (shoulders, waist and crotch) and there are two height adjustments which leave plenty of room for your little one to grow. The straps are easy to move with slots on the back of the seat. I'm glad every strap can be adjusted so much with this high chair because my 7 month old daughter isn't even in the first percentile. Everything is usually much too big for her, but with the Seedling High Chair, I know she's secure and won't go anywhere.

I'm really about "no frills" when it comes to baby gear. I want it to work, be easy to maintain, and have a classic design I won't look back on and question in years to come. The Seedling High Chair looks sleek and timeless with our decor and the features work perfectly for our hectic household. Whether it's mealtime or keeping my twins busy while we work in the kitchen, these high chairs have been an absolute must in our everyday routine. Shop the Oxo Tot Seedling High Chair below and check out my entire Amazon shop with more of our favorites!

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