Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids

With two babies entering the world of solid foods in the house, we need multiples of a lot of things... spoons, bowls, bibs, you name it. Nuby's Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids are the perfect addition to our mealtime routine because each set comes with four bowls, four lids and two spoons. They're great for at home and convenient for summertime travel too!

Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids  |  Lusterhood
The Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids set is useful whether you're thawing, storing or feeding. We can place cubes of food in the bowls, secure them with the lids, and just leave them in the fridge until it's time to eat. Each bowl holds more than enough for the twins' portions and leaves room for mixing different flavors. Eventually, when we're out for meals, we can use these bowls to store their food too. I can see these being convenient for Cheerios, puffs or other finger foods while we're out and about. The lids close tightly so we won't have to worry about any messes in the diaper bag and all three of our kids can have their own bowl.

Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids  |  Lusterhood

Our twins have been trying lots of new flavors lately and it's so much fun seeing their reactions to different foods. The spoons with this set were really easy for them to eat from. They're enjoying sweet potatoes in these photos but they like all sorts of flavors like carrots, bananas, squash, and even peas. Clean-up with this feeding set has been really easy, though I can't say that for the twins at the end of every meal!

Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids  |  Lusterhood

Now that it's summertime, many of you will be traveling with your little ones. This set is great to pack up and go while taking up minimal space in your bag. Everything stacks neatly so there's plenty of room for your other kids' necessities. Whether you have babies just starting solids or toddlers snacking on finger foods, this set can make eating away from home a lot easier.

The Nuby Stackable Bowls with Locking Lids set is BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe so mealtime and clean-up is a breeze no matter where you are. Shop below on Amazon!

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