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Back when my four year old was getting her teeth, I don't remember her having the constant need to chew on things. Now that we have our twins I'm seeing my son in particular really gravitate toward chewing on anything and everything. Because of that, I want to give him things that are extra gentle on his gums. Nuby's silicone teethers are soft, flexible and clean up in a snap which is really important with two teething babies in the house. Our new teethers are Nuby's 100% silicone Teethe-eez and Comfy Gums Teethers.

Nuby Silicone Teethers  |  Lusterhood
Nuby's Teethe-eez teether has an easy grip handle and multiple areas for our babies to chew on. It has super soft bristles that flex and move against baby's gums to soothe and clean at the same time. This teether also comes with a hygienic case so you can keep it clean while it's in your diaper bag.

Nuby Silicone Teethe-Eez  |  Lusterhood

My son goes after this teether like it's a meal, it's pretty funny! It reaches his front gums with ease but he also chews on the side so it will help comfort him long into the teething process. He kept his grip on this teether for quite a while so it's been great for him and also helpful for me to get things done while he's occupied!

Nuby Comfy Gums Teether  |  Lusterhood

Another teether must-have is the Comfy Gums teether. Nuby's Comfy Gums teethers come in a 2-pack - handy for twins but fantastic to have a spare for one baby. My daughter is into batting at things and grasping at little details on her toys so she didn't gobble this one up as quickly as my son. He was excited for the easy grip shape and soft silicone he could chew on for minutes on end. Like the Teethe-eez teether, the Comfy Gums teethers also have the super soft bristles to massage gums. They're just the right size for my twins to hold on to and now they don't have to share. (I don't think my son would let go anyway!)

Is your little one teething? Silicone teethers are a great way to start. Nuby has the best selection with different color options and versatile shapes for the different stages of teething. Check out the Teethe-eez and Comfy Gums teethers below!

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