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I've been a fan of Gabriel Cosmetics for a while now, but just learned about their Clean Kids Naturally line. As a mom, I love multi-tasking products and anything that makes my daily routine easier. I get both with these brands. Gabriel Cosmetics has all your daily necessities in everyday shades that are classic and flattering. Their Clean Kids Naturally line has all the skincare basics your kids need with their shampoo, conditioner and lotion.

Gabriel Cosmetics  |  Lusterhood
Gabriel Cosmetics  |  If you're unfamiliar with Gabriel Cosmetics, their products are made from natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free. My four newest products from the line are their Classic Eyeshadow Trio, Black Mascara, Multi-Pot in Peony and Lipgloss in Mocha Ice. I've gravitated toward matte shadows lately so the three complimentary matte shades in the Classic Trio have been my everyday go-to. You get a mid-tone brown, deep brown and cream shade.

Gabriel Cosmetics Classic Trio  |  Lusterhood

The colors in Gabriel Cosmetics' trios are set up in a way that you can apply them, but they're really versatile so you can mix it up. The formula is a breeze to blend and apply for a look that takes just a couple minutes. I finish the look off with their mascara and I'm good to go. The mascara has a bristle wand that's narrow so it reaches every lash with very little effort. This formula separates, gives volume and holds a curl beautifully throughout the day. It's a dryer formula and there's no smudging, clumping or mess which makes it easier to work with. I personally prefer this type of formula because I find it looks more natural on the eyes.

Gabriel Cosmetics Swatches  |  Lusterhood
L to R  | Classic Trio, Peony Multi-Pot, Mocha Ice Gloss

The Gabriel Cosmetics Multi-Pot is another great everyday product that can be used on the eyes, lips and face. My favorite way to use it is on my cheeks for a natural flush. It's great paired with a BB cream for a light look without looking powdery. The shade I have is Peony, which is a peachy pink with a bit of shimmer so it's really pretty for summertime. In the swatch you can see the little flecks in it - subtle but gorgeous.

My last product is the Gabriel Cosmetics Lipgloss in Mocha Ice. I'm a gloss girl through and through. No matte lip trend can replace my love for a shiny gloss! The Gabriel Cosmetics formula is really comfortable and I love their neutral shades. Mocha Ice is a warm peachy nude that compliments bronzed summer looks beautifully. It's what I like to call a "purse-worthy lippie" where you can throw it in your bag and always have a flattering shade on hand.

Clean Kids Naturally  |  Lusterhood

Clean Kids Naturally  |  I like to keep my routine as easy as possible and that goes for my kids too! The Clean Kids Naturally line is comprised of everyday basics that are effective, easy to use and free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial colors and coconut. Coconut oil is found in a lot of haircare and skincare products, but if you have a sensitivity to it, these products are a great option. We have the Tropical Orange Burst Shampoo, Banana Smoothie Conditioner, and Tahitian Vanilla Body Lotion. And yes, they smell as good as they sound! I also love that all of these bottles have a pump so my daughter can dispense the product on her own and learn to apply products all by herself. She's getting to the age where she wants to try everything on her own and this makes it even easier for her to learn.

Clean Kids Naturally  |  Lusterhood

I've always had sensitive skin and usually had to settle with unscented products when I was younger. Definitely not as fun as these! My daughter loves fruity/sweet scents just like me so she was really excited. My favorite has to be the Banana Smoothie conditioner. The smell just filled the entire bathroom, yum! It also really helped tame flyaways with my four year old's very fine hair. After her bath, we finished off with the Tahitian Vanilla lotion and she kept saying how delicious it smelled. It got her more involved and excited about bath time so that's a major bonus for us!

Whether you're a mom or just looking for quality, everyday products to simplify your routine, I definitely recommend checking out Gabriel Cosmetics and the Clean Kids Naturally Line. They not only make our routine more efficient, but a little more fun too. Shop below!

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