Nuby Blankie Pals

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! I don't know about you, but I've always been excited to see my kids grow and reach new milestones. I can honestly say I've never missed the newborn stage or wished they could stay tiny forever. They're so much more fun when they begin interacting with each other and with things around them. Lately my twins have really been loving their new Nuby Blankie Pals because they're like a soft, comforting blanket and soothing teether in one. So they're set for playtime and snuggle time!

Nuby Blankie Pals  |  Lusterhood
Seeing our twins grow and reach for things that intrigue them is so much fun. Whether it's bright colors, comforting fabrics or each other, they're always discovering new ways to entertain themselves. The Nuby Blankie Pals are the perfect size for them to hold on to by themselves and squish as much as they want. They're made of super soft fabric with areas for teething and crinkling. 

Nuby Blankie Pals  |  Lusterhood

The Nuby Blankie Pals come in four adorable characters - an owl, lady bug, elephant and peacock. We have the elephant and peacock and my twins love them! My daughter has gravitated toward toys that are birds because of their colorful "feathers" and detailing. She's always grabbing for ribbons and strings so she loves the colorful ribbon on the wings and knotted string on the peacock's head! My son loves chewing on everything so he's been loving the teething aspect of his elephant. It has a soft teether on the ear but let's face it, he's not particular about which part to chew on. I've also thrown these in the washer and air dried and they've held up great. I'm all about quality, entertaining toys that will last through all the love they get from our little ones.

Nuby Blankie Pals  |  Lusterhood

Nuby Blankie Pals make an adorable gift for babies no matter how old they are. They're suitable for infants 0+ months and feature BPA free plastic. Shop below on

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