Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector

Having twins has brought a whole new level of love, joy and let's face it, exhaustion to our household. It's double the feeding, care, entertainment and soothing. Finding products that can help lessen the burden without spending a fortune can be particularly difficult. That's why we've been loving our new Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector. It's helpful in so many ways and not just at bedtime!

Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector  |  Lusterhood
At first glance you'd never know how many things this soother is capable of. The frame is a whimsical, plush scene that's eye-catching and looks adorable no matter where you put it. You can place this soother on a table top, floor or attach it to your crib so it's within baby's view. Along with the different sounds, this soother features changing colored lights around the frame, a star projector for the ceiling, and twinkling lights within the mirror itself.

Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector  | Lusterhood

Features  |  The top of the soother contains all the buttons to control each mode, volume, lights and even set a timer to prolong the battery. The buttons on the left control the different sounds to choose from - music, nature sounds and even a heartbeat. The right side has the volume and light control as well as 15, 30 and 60 minute timers that will shut off automatically. The center green button is the power button as well as where the star lights come from to display a soothing night sky on your little one's ceiling.

Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector  |  Lusterhood

I've said it countless times but I'm a huge fan of multi-purpose products. So when I realized this soother was helpful not only for soothing my twins to sleep but also to entertain them while they're awake, I was even more excited. We use this soother in multiple ways. We use it during dinner time while they take a little "catnap." They're gently lulled to sleep with soft music playing in the background and we get to eat a peaceful dinner! We also use it during tummy time so both babies are entertained and getting exercise at the same time. They love the changing colors of the lights and the twinkling lights within the mirror really get their attention. Tummy time was never so much fun!

Munchkin Magic Firefly Soother and Projector  |  Lusterhood

Both my twins have really been enjoying this soother. It keeps their eyes moving while following the changing lights and helps them strengthen their necks as they watch themselves in the mirror. I love that they can enjoy it together and have special bonding time among all the crazy schedules and feedings we have to keep up with! Even my four year old loves sitting with them as the music plays. Talk about a great gift for mom!

There's no better Mother's Day gift than happy, rested babies. After all, happy babies = happy mama! Treat a mom in your life (or yourself!) to this adorable soother and enjoy these great savings from Munchkin - Save 15% off $50+ or 20% off $100+ May 11-13th. Happy Mother's Day!


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