BirdRock Baby Booties

Having my twins in November meant making sure they were bundled up in sleepers for months. Now that we're finally enjoying warmer weather those little feet are free and wiggling up a storm. Their daily looks leave their feet bare but they still get really cold in the air conditioning. We needed something to keep their feet warm so they've been sporting the most adorable booties from BirdRock Baby. Their fleece booties are so versatile no matter the season and the colors are so cute!

BirdRock Baby Booties  |  The Beauty Puff
Typical socks last about fifteen seconds on my babies' feet. They are such wiggle worms lately that nothing stays put. BirdRock Baby booties have three snap adjustments so we can make sure they fit them perfectly as they grow. There's no tight elastic either which I really like. My daughter is only in the first percentile but her legs are adorably chunky so I don't want anything to squish them! The bottoms of the booties have non-slip grips which is great for little movers too. (We're not there yet, thankfully!)

BirdRock Baby Booties  |  The Beauty Puff

The exterior of the BirdRock Baby booties are super soft fleece while the interior is organic cotton. This means their feet stay warm and comfortable but not too hot. The color selection is fabulous too - neutrals, pastels and vibrant colors to compliment baby's look. We have Slate Grey for our son and Grape for our daughter. Slate is a sleek neutral that goes with all my son's outfits. They always look so cozy! Grape is a vibrant purple with a purple and white striped interior liner. My daughter always stares at the stripes and grabs her feet, it's so cute!

BirdRock Baby Booties  |  The Beauty Puff

BirdRock Baby booties come in 0-3mo, 3-6mo, 6-12mo, 12-18mo, and 18-24mo sizes. Since my daughter is so petite she wears size 3-6mo. My son is about average in height and wears size 6-12mo. The sizing is based on the length of the soles so be sure to measure your baby's feet and size up if they are between sizes! You can find these sweet booties on Amazon below!

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