Nuest Magic Jelly Highlighters

When the air gets warmer this time of year all I can think is, how can I lighten up my routine? This means using a lighter coverage base but also minimizing the powders that go on my face. In terms of highlighters, I'm familiar with liquid and stick formulas, but the jelly highlighters are new to me. I've seen jelly highlighters on Instagram but had never tried them until I got the Nuest Magic Jelly Highlighters in Pink Luster and Twinkle Star. These have to be some of the most addicting highlighters I've ever tried!

Nuest Magic Jelly Highlighters  |  Lusterhood
I'm sure most makeup lovers can related to the moment you get all your new products home. You can't wait to dig in, play, swatch, and apply everything. Well I feel that way every time I reach for one of these highlighters! The formula is light, smooth and yes, feels like jelly. There's no remaining imprint once you dip your finger in and the product doesn't spill out quickly like a liquid. It's cool to the touch and blends easily on the skin without leaving a residue of any kind. The formula is really unique and unlike anything in my collection.

Nuest Magic Jelly Highlighters  |  Lusterhood

I found the easiest application with this formula is with a beauty sponge. It blends the product evenly without shifting any base products underneath. I just apply my base (lightweight foundation or BB cream at the moment) and apply this jelly right after. I do use my finger to get the product out, that's half the fun. For application, I prefer the efficiency of a sponge and the light look it gives on the skin. You can use this highlighter on its own, mixed with foundation, in combination with lip products, or even as a body highlighter.

Nuest Magic Jelly Highlighters Swatch  |  Lusterhood
L | Pink Luster  R | Twinkle Star

Let's talk shades. The two colors I have are Pink Luster and Twinkle Star. Pink Luster definitely has more pigment and would better suit looks with a pink/cool toned blush. Twinkle Star, though less pigmented, is a bit more versatile and can be combined with more products. It has an iridescent tone that's really pretty for spring and summer. If you're looking for even more variety, Nuest makes more colors including Ruby Kiss, Gold Rush, and Metallic Bronze. Use them on their own or mix them for a unique look every time. Each shade retails for $28. Shop below.


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