Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib

As long as the first few months with twins have been, I know the milestones will start rolling in faster than we imagine! Before we know it, both babies will be teething and we've got to be prepared. I'm already noticing our son enjoying chewing on all the new toys we have. Lately he's really been loving the Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib. It's a soft bib and teether in one!

Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib  |  Lusterhood
Our twins practically live in bibs. Between eating, spitting up, drooling, they're everywhere! With the addition of a teething corner on the Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib, it's a fabulous multi-tasker. It's soft, absorbent, and allows my babies to teeth without having to hold on to a toy. They're just learning to hold on to things and having the teething corner close is really convenient. Plus, we don't have to keep handing it to them if it drops out of their hands.

Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bib  |  Lusterhood

The Nuby Reversible Muslin Teething Bibs come in packs of two, convenient for twins but fabulous for having extras for any baby. There are a lot of patterns to choose from whether you prefer neutrals, bright colors, shapes, animals, you name it. The set we have has an outerspace theme and aquatic theme with blue patterns on the opposite sides. I love the different options with these bibs. The babies may not care what they wear at this age, but it's a perk of being a mama, what can I say!

As the babies teeth more, our bibs will get even more use. They're super soft so I know the babies are comfortable without any scratchy edges against their skin. They've lasted through several washes already and look good as new. I'm definitely going to get another set as we head into the teething months!

You can find Nuby's Reversible Muslin Teething Bibs below on Amazon!

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  1. Would love a chance to try this with my baby!! Thanks for the chance to try

  2. These are so cute! With twins, I definitely need them.