Nuby 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip

Anyone else tired of snowy weather and craving the warmth of spring? We're so ready to enjoy the fresh air and get outside with our little ones! More outdoor play means staying hydrated and what better way to enjoy those drinks than with a new cup? Our newest is the Nuby 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip. It's got a comfortable, non-slip exterior that's easy for your toddler to hold onto through all their adventures.

Nuby 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip  |  The Beauty Puff

We're constantly reminding our toddler to finish her meals and drinks. It gets pretty repetitive so I love getting her excited with fun cups she can enjoy. She loves her Nuby 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip. It has an ocean theme and she's really into a show set in the ocean right now so she really got into this cup! She likes naming all the animals and their colors so she's learning along the way too.

Nuby 360 Wonder Cup with 3D Grip  |  The Beauty Puff

So what's different about the 3D Grip cup? It features a rubberized exterior that's easy for little hands to hold onto. It has the same 3 piece top as other 360 Wonder Cups. Toddlers can sip from any area around the rim and the silicone will seal when they're done, preventing spills and messes. They're easy to clean whether you hand wash them or throw them in the dishwasher. The 3D Grip cups feature a variety of characters including a butterfly, monkey, owl, robot, pirate and ocean life as pictured above. Shop below on Target's website!

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