Nuby Insulated 360 Wonder Cup

Now that we have infant twins in addition to a toddler, hectic only begins to scratch the surface of our daily life. So my toddler doesn't feel left out, I've been finding new ways to do our "same old routine" so she gets more excited about things. That includes having meals in different places and let's face it, that helps me out too! Having fun tableware is of course part of that process. She loves her Nuby 360 Wonder Cup and was so excited with the new design and I was excited that it's insulated to keep her drinks cold so she finishes them!

Nuby Insulated 360 Wonder Cup  |  The Beauty Puff
With a busy household with three kids, plates and cups are left here there and everywhere. Inevitably, my toddlers cups end up in three different places and drinks get warm and have to be dumped out. With Nuby's Insulated 360 Wonder Cup, those drinks last longer so we're not wasting as much.

Nuby Insulated 360 Wonder Cup  |  The Beauty Puff

The insulated version has the same great features as the original 360 Wonder Cup we love with an easy to wash 3 piece top and a spill-proof design, making our job a little easier. We're constantly washing, folding, scrubbing, wiping, you name it. We don't need toddler cups leaking on top of all that! The Insulated 360 Wonder Cup is a great addition to our stash and gets a lot of love in our household. I love the neutral design we have too! Other designs include a dinosaur, butterfly, monkey, robot and bird. You can shop the Nuby Insulated 360 Wonder Cup below on Amazon!

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