A Little "Me Time" With Farmhouse Fresh

Finding a few moments to myself with three little ones is definitely rare. I make the most of the time I have with products that perform well, make me feel great and are a pleasure to use on a daily basis. I've loved Farmhouse Fresh products for a while now so I was so excited when they released their Ageless skincare line featuring their Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic, Three Milk Ageless Night Cream and Moon Dip Body Mousse. Sounds like a pamper session is in order!

Farmhouse Fresh Ageless Skincare  |  The Beauty Puff
Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic  |  A pore minimizer, hydrator and refresher all in one gorgeous bottle. This tonic contains aronia berries which have the highest antioxidant contents of any fruit. Paired with rose water, these ingredients hydrate and nourish the skin with just a few sprays. Another key ingredient for me is the hydrolized starch, which may not sound exciting, but it actually provides an amazing pore minimizing effect that literally transforms the look of your skin. Going bare faced isn't as scary when your pores aren't the star of the show. I love the fresh, berry scent of this tonic too. Makes me feel like spring really is on the way!

Farmhouse Fresh Ageless Skincare  |  The Beauty Puff

Three Milk Ageless Night Cream  |  Inspired by their Three Milk Ageless Day Cream, this night cream goes a step further with ultra hydrating ingredients and retinol to keep skin smooth and youthful. Retinol firms skin, milk thistle reduces redness, milk vetch provides antibacterial properties and advanced peptides work to reduce even the deepest wrinkles with continued use. This cream is like a luxurious treat for your skin night after night! I was surprised how thick this formula was and almost expected it to be tacky. But it was so silky smooth and absorbed so well into my skin that it was completely undetectable within a couple minutes.

Farmhouse Fresh Moon Dip  |  The Beauty Puff

Moon Dip Body Mousse  |  Putting on this body mousse every day is like a special treat all on its own. Each body mousse comes with a sleek silver applicator so your jar stays sanitary use after use. It also looks elegant, let's face it. But beyond that, I love the formula of the mousse even more. It's not only rich and comforting on the skin but leaves behind the most delicious sweet scent. I go around wondering what smells so good and it turns out, it's my skin! I love that the scent lingers so if I've forgotten a perfume (typical these days) my skin is still smelling great. This body mousse has retinol, jojoba oil and peptides. Skin is left feeling smoother and with continued use, deep wrinkles become less visible. A must-have to get skin spring-ready!

Ready for your own at-home pamper session? Check out all the new Farmhouse Fresh products below!

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