Nuby Natural Touch Orthodontic Pacifiers + Pacifinder

Whether it's doll shoes or puzzle pieces, it seems like we're always on the hunt for something at our house. Checking bins, looking under blankets, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to Nuby's Pacifinder, there's one less thing to go searching for.

Nuby Natural Touch Pacifier + Pacifinder  |  The Beauty Puff

We have an array of pacifiers at our house but not all are easily attached to pacifier clips. Nuby's pacifiers are all easy to attach to their Pacifinders and keep them close and clean. The clips are really simple to use and come in bright colors so they're easily found among the rest of baby's things, whether you're packing or storing them.

Nuby Natural Touch Pacifier + Pacifinder  |  The Beauty Puff

Nuby's Orthodontic Pacifiers come in 0-6mo and 6-12mo sizes so you're sure to have just the right fit for your little one. They feature Nub-eez which provide gentle stimulation for baby's gums. My babies seem very comfortable when they have these pacifiers and they don't slip out as easily which is nice for peace and quiet. What parent wouldn't enjoy that?? I love the fun colors and patterns they come in too. We have the aqua/monkey set but there's also a giraffe and butterfly. I also appreciate that this set comes with an extra pacifier so both babies can enjoy them.

You can find the Nuby Natural Touch Orthodontic Pacifier + Pacifinder set below at Baby Depot!

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