Nuby Happy Handimals Teething Mitten

When you have a stock pile of teethers, sometimes you look for something "new and different" to catch your little one's attention. Nuby's teething mittens are absolutely adorable. Their newest style features three different animals - a bee, a lion and a monkey. We have the bee and it's adorable!

Nuby Happy Handimals Teething Mitten  |  Lusterhood
Babies are always discovering their surroundings and chewing on anything available to them. Of course their hands and fingers make the top of that list so a teething mitten is the perfect way to give them relief without hurting their little fingers. The Nuby Handimals Teething Mittens feature adjustable velcro so you get the right fit every time. They can be worn on either hand too.

Nuby Happy Handimals Teething Mitten  |  Lusterhood

Each Handimal has crinkle sounds for entertainment and silicone sides for soft but effective teething surfaces. What about cleaning them, many mamas must be thinking. These little mittens are machine washable so they'll be fresh and ready to go no matter how much use they get. They also come with a travel bag to keep them clean and sanitary on-the-go. Perfect for little travelers!

These adorable teethers make the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season! Great for every little one on your list. Coming soon to Target. Explore more below on

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