Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots

When our twins are ready for baby food I'm going to do my best to make whatever I can from scratch. Having the right size containers is a must for making baby food! The Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots feature four 2 fl oz pots which fit into a convenient tray for easy storage in your freezer. They come in either red with yellow or blue with green.

Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots  |  The Beauty Puff

I'm all about making baby food to save money on our grocery bill. It's amazing how those little jars and pouches add up with just one baby, let alone two now that we have twins. Products like these freezer pots are lifesavers so I can make smaller, fresh batches of food when needed. They're convenient sizes for on-the-go and even better, I know all the ingredients that go into the food!

The first feature that caught my eye with these storage pots is the flexible bottom. This may not seem that interesting to most, but if you've ever made baby food before, you know the struggle to get the food released from whatever container you froze it in. This feature really saves time and makes getting the food out a breeze.

The seal on these pots is really great so you'll have a fresh, secure seal to protect your homemade baby food. This reduces freezer burn and preserves all your hard work because let's face it, who has time to re-make baby food? The seal is also helpful when transporting food to prevent any leaking or mess in your diaper bag.

Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots  |  The Beauty Puff

You may be wondering, what do you do with these containers once your little one has moved on to finger foods? They're a great size for packing snacks for your diaper bag, school, you name it. My toddler loves the fun colors and there's no spilling because they close securely. I love re-purposing baby products, such a budget saver!

You can find the Nuby Garden Fresh Storage Pots below on Amazon.

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