Good Hair Days with Silk 21

Having less time to do my hair with a toddler and the upcoming arrival of infant twins means each moment counts in my beauty routine. From start to finish I need products that make the most of every second. That means from shampoo to styling and everywhere in between. Silk 21, by the makers of Biosilk, provides an entire line designed to replenish and improve hair's condition. You can find it exclusively at Sally Beauty until March 2018.

Silk 21 Shampoo and Conditioner  |  The Beauty Puff
Step 1 Shampoo + Conditioner  |  With the Silk 21 system, you get the best of both worlds - clarifying and hydrating. The shampoo works to rid hair of excess build-up without making it feel dry and brittle. At the it keeps hair hydrated and strengthens so it's ready for heat styling. The conditioner helps with moisture, split ends and elasticity so there is a visible improvement in the condition of your hair once styled.

Silk 21 Styling  |  The Beauty Puff

Step 2 Styling  |  For long-term results, the Silk Styling Cream is the ideal formula. It's lightweight and prevents damage and split ends that are common with heat styling. This cream provides thermal protection, hydration and shine which is perfect for the fall and winter months! I love not having excess weight in my hair while getting all these benefits. The Leave-In Serum is a richer formula that can be used on your hair as well as your skin this winter. It only takes a tiny bit to coat my thick hair so start with a smaller amount first! Like the Styling Cream, the serum also provides thermal protection and shine. The serum goes a bit further to provide smoothness with each use by filling voids in hair upon application. You'll get a smooth, frizz free style every time. I especially love that this formula can be used on wet and dry hair. I always touch-up with an oil on my second day hair to prevent fly-aways and maintain shine between washes. A must for the cold, dry months.

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