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There's quite a few things we'll need multiples of in preparation for our twins. When they start solid foods, one of those things is definitely spoons! Twice the meals and twice the mess. Having extra spoons means we don't have to worry if something hasn't been washed or fell on the floor. Or let's face it - if we're feeling lazy!

Nuby Weaning Spoons |  The Beauty Puff
We had the Nuby Weaning Spoons when my daughter started solid foods and loved them. The colors are vibrant, handles are a great length, and the spoons are deep enough so baby food doesn't spill out easily. I love the color combinations included in these multi-packs. They're gender neutral and can help tell whose food is whose especially when you're dealing with multiples.

Nuby Weaning Spoons |  The Beauty Puff

I also like that the handles aren't too short so they can reach into deeper jars and containers. Lastly, unlike typical baby spoons, these have a fairly deep "scoop" so you can fit enough food in the spoon and don't have to worry about soupy baby food dripping everywhere. It makes messy mealtime just a little less.. messy. The Nuby Weaning Spoons are pictured above with the Nuby Fun Feeding Bowl which is a great size for baby's food!

As with the rest of Nuby's products, this spoon set is incredibly reasonable so you can grab a couple sets and be stocked, ready to go for your little one's solid food adventures. You can find Nuby's Weaning Spoons below on the Babies R Us website.

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