Nuby 3 Stage Teething System

As babies' teeth come in, they need different surfaces to comfort them and move the process along. The Nuby 3 Stage Teething System comes with three different teethers to grow along with them as they need different things. In this set, you get the Teethe-eez Super Soft Silicone Teether, Softees Silicone Teether, the Softees Hard and Soft Teether, along with wipes to keep them all clean.

Nuby 3 Stage Teething System  |  Lusterhood

Teethe-eez Super Soft Teether (green)  |  This soft teether is silicone with a comfortable texture to massage baby's gums and aid in the eruption of new front teeth. It's a small, easy to hold shape that's just right as baby starts to teethe.

Softees Silicone Teether (blue) |  This teether has multiple surfaces which are ideal for middle teeth. It's also an easy shape and size for little hands. The silicone material is easy to keep clean and sanitize whether you're home or on-the-go.

Softees Hard and Soft Teether (yellow/orange) |  With both hard and soft areas to chew on, baby can soothe and massage their gums. This style is ideal for all teeth and the later stages of teething.

Nuby 3 Stage Teething System  |  Lusterhood

Wipes  |  Just throw these natural pacifier and teething wipes in your bag along with your Nuby teethers to keep them clean and ready for use while on-the-go!

This set is a great gift for any expectant mom or little one who's just started teething! The bright colors are eye-catching, the styles are really versatile and best of all they will last throughout the teething process. It's a great set to keep on hand no matter what teething throws at you. Shop the Nuby 3 Stage Teething System below on!

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