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As a mom of a toddler and soon to be mom of infant twins, I don't have a lot of time to fuss with my hair. One of my favorite tricks is using my Invisibobbles for a quick, polished look that I don't have to worry about throughout the day. Their newest collection is inspired by trends for this fall and winter. They've incorporated a beautiful muted red, blush, metallic black and smokey gray into their infamous shapes - original, power and nano. The only thing you have to do is pick your style!

Invisibobble Beauty Collection  |  Lusterhood
Monroe Red  |  If you're craving the traditional colors of fall with a modern twist, Monroe Red is a great choice. It's a subtle red that adds an accent without standing out too much. I wear a lot of neutrals so this is a nice addition of color without going overboard. I also keep a couple of these in my car for emergencies! I have this shade in the Original version as well as the Nano. The Original is my everyday go-to for comfort and undetectable hold. The Nano is great for smaller sections of hair such as layers and accents you add to your existing style.

Make Up Your Mind  |  One of my favorite colors in this collection is a beautiful blush shade that's a mix of nude and brown. It goes beyond your typical "nude" while still being more versatile than pink. It goes beautifully with grays in particular - my wardrobe of choice lately! This shade is pictured above in the Nano version.

Luscious Lashes (not pictured)  |  If you're looking for a polished, classic black hair accessory then Luscious Lashes is perfect. It's a metallic black that's versatile for everyday wear and can also add something extra to an up-do. A great choice for this Halloween as well!

Smokey Eye  |  Another favorite of mine in this collection is Smokey Eye - a light gray. With my neutral wardrobe, this shade is a must. It looks really nice against dark hair and goes with everything. I have this shade in the Power Invisibobble which provides an extra strong grip whether you're working out or just running around during the day.

Tip  |  If you're like me and you hate your hair ties getting stretched out, don't worry! Once your Invisibobbles get more stretched out than you'd like, just run them under hot water (or put in a bowl of hot water) and watch them return to their original size! They'll be good as new.

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