Commodity Gold + Tonka

During the spring and summer many of my fragrances take a backseat. The fall and winter is when I really dig into my favorite sweet scents. My newest fragrances are from Commodity - Gold and Tonka. They are completely different but both lean on the sweeter side. One is a lighter, airy sweet and the other has a rich, warm sweetness. Both are amazing and will be perfect for the fall and winter!

Commodity Gold and Tonka  |  The Beauty Puff
Gold  |  This is a lighter fragrance that can really be enjoyed any time of year. Notes include bergamot, amber, vanilla and creamy musk. Vanilla and amber are two of my absolute favorite sweet scents. The combination is amazing! The Gold scent in particular is a part of Commodity's White Collection which focuses on lighter, airy scents. For this reason, I would wear this scent any season and any time of day. I just tend to wear more scents in the fall and winter because I know I won't be attracting bugs! Overall, I was really impressed with the longevity of this scent as well as Tonka.

Commodity Gold and Tonka  |  The Beauty Puff

Tonka  |  If you're looking for a sweet scent that has more richness and body to it, Tonka will be your go-to. This scent is so unique and unlike anything I've ever had in my collection. It features notes such as almond, cocoa, caramel, and coffee, offering a much more rich, sophisticated take on a sweet fragrance. I would definitely say this is a fall and winter scent due to the indulgent, warm notes. If I could describe a scent as "delicious," this would be the one! It has that cozy element I look for in scents for fall. I definitely found a new favorite for the cooler months.

Commodity Gold and Tonka  |  The Beauty Puff

Presentation  |  Commodity perfumes are packaged in classic, sleek bottles suitable for both men and women. The fragrances are presented in 10ml sprays, 100ml bottles, candles, bath bars and gift sets featuring smaller travel size perfumes to give a sampling of their line.

Commodity scents make beautiful gifts for both men and women. Choose from a wide range of products and price points to get just the right gift! Explore the entire collection below.

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