A Nude Twist For Fall

Looking through my collection of lip products all I can see are 50 shades of nude. I don't stray far from lighter shades because it's just what suits me and makes my collection as versatile as possible. I do love finding new twists on my all-time favorite basics like different finishes and formulas. My latest is Urban Decay's Gubby - a sheer nude with a metallized finish.

Urban Decay Gubby  |  The Beauty Puff
I always gravitate toward smooth, hydrating lip products because I find them to be a lot more comfortable than mattes. The Urban Decay formula is really creamy and comfortable on the lips. I like the versatility of this particular lipstick because it can be worn alone or layered over lip liners or liquid lipsticks that may otherwise be drying.

Urban Decay Gubby Swatch  |  The Beauty Puff

Lip shades like this may seem too minimal for most, but I happen to love them. There's something really simplistic about the warm peach shade with just a bit of something extra from the shimmer. It's not glittery by any means, but provides a unique sheen by itself or worn as a lip topper. I have some lip liners that are a bit dark for my taste and this shade lightens them just enough and adds a really pretty finish for additional brightness and dimension.

Urban Decay Gubby  |  The Beauty Puff

While you add berries and deeper shades to your lip collection for fall, consider adding a versatile shade like Gubby as well to mix it up, wear over darker shades and become a simple go-to on busy days. Shop below for the Urban Decay Vice Metallized Lipstick collection.

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