Psssst! Dry Shampoo

I can't be the only mom who gets excited for days I don't need to wash my hair. A day off? All I need is dry shampoo? Awesome. My latest dry shampoo is from Psssst! I have the Unscented version as well as the Sugar Berry and love them both. They make my "off days" even easier!

Psssst Dry Shampoo  |  The Beauty Puff
Part of the appeal of using dry shampoo is getting ready quickly without the need for washing and drying my hair. That way I can get outside and enjoy the sunshine even faster! But I don't want to attract bugs when we're out by the pool or relaxing in the backyard. That's why I've been loving the Unscented Psssst Dry Shampoo! I usually go for a scented version, but when there are bugs involved, I don't want any extra scents on me that's for sure! The unscented dry shampoo assures my hair is fresh and ready to go without being a magnet for bugs.

Most days, I go for the Psssst Sugar Berry Dry Shampoo. This scent is amaaazing! It's fresh, sweet, fruity and lingers so I get to enjoy the smell even more. It's a really nice fragrance for spring and summer when you're out and about. This formula makes my hair look and smell so fresh and clean. Best of all, I know it only took seconds to get it that way!

Not only is the Psssst! dry shampoo effective, but the mist is super fine so you get an even distribution of product and it's really affordable! You can find Psssst Dry shampoo below on

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