Nuby Comfort 360 Bottle to Cup Kit

As we look forward to the arrival of our twins this fall, I find myself swimming in everything "baby." I remember all too well how quickly babies grow through their stages so I love products like Nuby's Comfort 360 Bottle to Cup Kit. This kit includes pieces to take your little one from bottle feeding, all the way to a trainer cup with no spout. It's incredibly versatile and will definitely become one of our most-loved cups! This set comes with one bottle and a cup with 3 interchangeable lids to switch out as needed.

Nuby Comfort 360 Bottle  |  The Beauty Puff

The first stage in this kit is the Comfort 360 Plus bottle. This bottle features a soft, slow flow nipple and a removable, weighted straw to allow multiple feeding positions and reduced reflux. I love the option to remove the straw when it's no longer needed. That way as your little one grows, you have less pieces to wash. This bottle holds 9oz of liquid so it will work for newborns and infants as they begin to drink more.

Nuby Soft Flex Touch-Flo  |  The Beauty Puff

The second stage in this kit is the Soft Flex Touch-Flo No Spill Silicone Spout. This is perfect when your baby is transitioning from a bottle and can hold the cup all on their own. You can use this cup with the weighted straw and simply remove it when your little one is ready. The convenient handles can be removed when no longer needed as well.

Nuby Sanitary Flip-It  |  The Beauty Puff

The third stage in this kit is the Sanitary Flip-It lid and straw. This is for toddlers who are ready to start drinking from a straw. I love the design of this top because the top easily closes to keep out dirt and prevent spills when on the go. My toddler loves having her special drinks when we're out in the car or running errands so this is perfect for throwing in our bag.

Nuby 360 Wonder Cup  |  The Beauty Puff

The final stage in this kit is the 360 Wonder Cup lid, which we already love in our house! This spoutless cup is the last step your little one will take before moving on to a regular "big kid" cup. It's easy to put together, easy to wash, and my little one loves the designs. And the best part? We've never had it leak. Major mom approval there.

I can't wait for my twins to start using this set. It's going to be really handy as they grow and having one cup that transitions through so many stages means having less cups to store! You can find the Nuby Comfort 360 Bottle to Cup Kit on the Babies R Us website below.

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