IS Clinical Copper Firming Mist

In the world of facial mists, there's a lot to choose from. The iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist provides firming, hydration and protection all in one step. Its fine mist evenly coats skin and gives a refreshing boost before your makeup or any time you need a little "pick-me-up!"

iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist  |  The Beauty Puff

The Ingredients  |  The iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist contains antioxidants which help protect skin against pollutants. It also has copper PCA which helps firm skin and regulates oil production which I need every single day!

The Mist  |  Unlike standard mists in pump bottles, this aerosol mist provides fine, thorough coverage in one easy application. There's no worry about spraying too much in one particular area because the nozzle dispenses just the right amount. This is especially ideal if you are using this mist after makeup application.

The Uses  |  Want to start off your skincare regimen with a refreshing mist? Or just want to set your makeup? This spray can do it all. Just apply liberally whenever your skin needs a boost and let it soothe your skin. I've been using this facial mist every morning as well as throughout my no makeup days and my skin feels amazing. I love the cool mist on my skin when I wake up. Since I don't have coffee like I'm used to, I can use all the help I can get waking up in the morning. This mist even helps after being in the sun. This makes it the ideal facial mist for summer to cool, refresh and soothe. Plus, it smells like orange blossom. The perfect citrus scent for the season.

If you love easy, refreshing skincare that's a breeze to incorporate into your existing routine, you'll love the iS Clinical Copper Firming Mist. It's a one-stop-shop to get your skin prepped for the day. Shop below!

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