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While I may be told I've got a "pregnancy glow," I can tell you it's not always there! Between being exhausted, not feeling well and keeping up with a toddler, I'll take all the help I can get. Recently I've been enjoying a couple gems from Milani - their Prime Light primer and Spotlight Face + Eye Palette. Whether you want targeted glow from a highlighter or an all over, lit-from-within glow from a primer, these are great affordable options for summer!

Milani Highlighting  |  Lusterhood
Prime Light Primer  |  For an all over glow, this primer is ideal whether you're wearing a BB cream or medium coverage foundation. It keeps skins hydrated while minimizing pores and giving a luminous finish to the skin. I definitely notice the luminous finish more if I'm using a damp sponge as opposed to a brush for foundation application. I love the versatility so I can get more glow depending on the type of look I'm going for. If you have particularly oily areas like I do, I would suggest powdering those areas so they aren't emphasized. I love the healthy natural glow I get from using this primer, especially with a bronzed look that's perfect for summer!

Milani Spotlight Palette  |  Lusterhood

Spotlight Face + Eye Strobe Palette  |  This palette comes in three color variations. I have the lightest shade in Sun Light. It has a beautiful combination of a bronzer, blush and highlight that can be used on their own or swirled together for an all over glow. Each shade is equally pigmented and gives my skin such life and luminescence. I would definitely recommend using a light hand because the pigmentation is fabulous. I like combining all three shades as a blush/bronzer topper personally. Also, I use the lightest shade as an inner corner highlight on my eyes and it really pops! Each shade can also be used as eyeshadow so it's a great product to bring with you traveling this summer for an effortless, glowing look.

Milani Spotlight Swatches  |  Lusterhood
L to R  |  Three shades in Spotlight palette, all shades combined, Prime Light primer

You can find both these products, along with more primers and highlight shades, on the Milani website below!

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