Worker B Rescue Putty

Winter has officially taken over and unfortunately, so has the dry, cold air. My skin gets really uncomfortable this time of year and some areas become so painful that typical lotions won't help. For my most stubborn dry winter skin, I've been using Worker B's Rescue Putty. Its unique texture stays put and really protects and heals dry, cracked skin. This is no ordinary moisturizer, it means business!

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worker b rescue putty | the beauty puff
Ingredients  |  This putty is made of three simple ingredients - beeswax, raw honey and olive oil.

Formula  |  Rescue Putty is extremely thick and tacky. It is meant to stay where you apply it for maximum effectiveness. I just take a small amount, warm it up a bit and apply sparingly to areas that are particularly dry. I suggest using this putty at night because it is very sticky and it can really do its work overnight as you sleep.

I love having a natural alternative for hydrating my skin. Of all the things I have tried to treat my most dry skin, the three simple ingredients in this putty were all my skin needed! Each jar has 1.7 oz of product, which will last a very long time because you don't need much with each application. This is a great discovery for those who want to incorporate more clean products in their beauty routine.

Worker B makes an entire line of skincare including lip balms, lotions, cleansers and facial serums. Explore the entire line below!

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