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At some point in my life a shower turned from being a relaxing, calming experience, to a race to see how quickly I could get clean from head to toe. As a mom of a toddler, I love anything that can make those quick showers a little more enjoyable and dare I say it - relaxing. Treets Traditions Relaxing Chakra's line is centered around natural extracts and oils that soothe and calm while leaving skin silky smooth. Two staples I've been loving are the Shower Gel and Body Scrub.

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treets traditions relaxing chakra's | the beauty puff

The Relaxing Chakra's line is infused with the most amazing sent of powdery rose. It's a scrumptious blend of soft sweetness and delicate floral that really makes you take a moment to relax and enjoy. The packaging of the products is color coordinated so you find which products suit you best. I was drawn to the Relaxing line but they also have Moisturizing, Caring, Nourishing and Healing. Each category has its own unique scent. My favorite scents are subtly sweet so I knew I'd love the powdery rose fragrance.

treets traditions shower gel | the beauty puff

The first product I tried was the Shower Gel, which has a very unique formula. It dispenses as a clear gel, but once it comes in contact with water, it turns into a foam. The lather is really rich and soothing. I love how the scent fills my whole shower. It's formulated with rose to balance and rice bran to help brighten skin. Definitely a great product to have during the winter, it leaves my skin looking and feeling smooth.

treets traditions body scrub | the beauty puff

Following the Shower Gel, I use the Body Scrub which exfoliates with soft coconut powder and salt. The formula isn't chunky or rough. It has a very fine texture and I find it gentle enough to use every day. It also has rose and coconut oil which leave skin feeling moisturized and nourished even after it's rinsed off. You get the perfect blend of exfoliation and hydration with this scrub. Not to mention the same great scent as the Shower Gel.

If you love subtly sweet, floral scents, this line also includes a Shower Cream, Body Cream, Bath Fizzers, Body Oil, Massage Candle and Bath Tea. There are also different size Gift Sets so you can try multiple products, or give them as a gift. (Valentine's Day is right around the corner!)

Treets Traditions products are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, silicones, colorants, and mineral oils. You can find Treets Traditions on their website as well as Ulta's website below!

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