Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely

When I saw that Sarah Jessica Parker came out with her brand new fragrance, I realized I had never even gotten her original fragrance, Lovely. I always admired the packaging but never looked into the actual scent itself. I'm so glad I took the plunge with this one. It's a beautiful, feminine and sophisticated scent that I've been enjoying practically every day.

pr sample
sarah jessica parker lovely - the beauty puff

First off, let's talk about the packaging because that's what first caught my eye! The bottle is vintage-inspired with clean lines and gold detailing that will look beautiful anywhere you put it. I love the simplicity of the bottle paired with the detailed cap. It satisfies my love of both modern and elegant detailing. The pale pink giving it just the right feminine touch. I feel so fancy whenever I wear this perfume, even if it's just out to run errands!

Now, on to the scent itself! Amber is one of my favorite fragrances and it just happens to be one of the focal points of this perfume. Its top notes include mandarin, bergamot, rosewood and ripe apple giving it a beautiful freshness. Its heart notes include patchouli, paper whites and orchid giving it its feminine floral tones. Finally, the base notes, which include cedar wood, white amber, and sultry musk giving it a more sensual, rich finish. While I may not have picked out some of these scents on their own, combined, they make an irresistible perfume!

This fragrance really bridges the gap between some of my beloved scents that are sweet and some that are a bit too sophisticated or strong for everyday wear. Its a beautiful balance of fresh, feminine, sweet and sultry. I think the scent lends itself well to different times of day and is particularly beautiful this time of year. It's a great choice for holiday parties or casual get togethers - what ever your holiday season has in store!

You can find Sarah Jessica Parker's scent Lovely on Notino's website below. (Formerly BeautySpin, with the same great products!)

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