Fall Series | Wen Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin

My favorite product by Wen is definitely their Replenishing Treatment Mist. It's such a versatile product and makes my hair look and feel amazing. What's even more exciting, is the new seasonal scent it comes in - Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin!

pr sample
wen fall vanilla white pumpkin replenishing mist - the beauty puff

Just when I thought I couldn't love this mist any more, they came out with a scent that spoke to me right away. You can enjoy Wen's limited edition fall scents a variety of their products, but this just happens to be my favorite.

The Replenishing Treatment Mist can be used on damp or dry hair. It gives my hair shine, bounce and the moisture it needs to combat the dry fall air. I reach for this spray whenever I get ready to leave the house.  I lightly mist my hair and gently brush through to distribute the product. I get shine, moisture and replenishment all in one step.

Not only can this mist be used on your hair, it can also be used on the face and body for light moisture. This is a great pick-me-up in the morning or any time during the day when you don't want to fuss with lotions. Plus, the smell is amazing! It's a well-balanced, subtly sweet scent that you'll love all season long.

Want even more seasonal scents?  Be sure to check out Fall Tuscan Pear, Fall Apple Spice and Fall Ginger Pumpkin.  You can shop the Replenishing Mist below.

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