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The most important product in my haircare routine is definitely a serum. Lately I've totally fallen for Umberto's Roman Oil Serum. This non-greasy formula penetrates hair to help reduce frizz and add shine. I have to say, the more I try from Umberto, the more I love their products!

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umberto roman oil serum - the beauty puff

The Umberto Roman Oil Serum contains natural oils such as olive oil and coconut oil. Its unique formula immediately soaks into the hair without just coating it and weighing it down. It's lightweight, keeps hair moisturized and smoothes even coarse hair. There's no residue and it helps hair maintain shine and softness after blow drying.

How To  |  Since my hair is long and thick, I start with one pump and work from mid-length to the ends of my hair. I only use a small amount on the rest of my hair to help reduce frizz and prevent product build-up. I usually wrap my hair in a towel for a bit after application and then style with a blow dryer as usual.

Not only can this serum be used prior to styling, you can also use it on dry hair to maximize shine. I just use about a pea size amount and smooth through the areas that need attention. I do this primarily with my second day hair to give it a boost. It really helps give my hair a fresh look and some much-needed shine.

After using this serum my hair feels lighter and has a lot more volume because it's not weighed down. While I'm always careful not to use too much of my serums, I definitely noticed an improvement using this one. I love finding budget-friendly favorites! You can find the Umberto Roman Oil Serum at Target and on their website below.

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