Makeup Revolution Rose Gold

This summer Makeup Revolution has introduced their Rose Gold Collection, featuring a blush palette and five new lipsicks.  I have the blush palette, Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold, and the lipstick in Chauffeur which is the lightest shade in the collection.  You can never have too many nude lipsticks!

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makeup revolution rose gold - the beauty puff

Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold  |  While this is categorized as a blush palette, the finishes lend themselves well to blush toppers, highlights and blushes.  The left six shades are more shimmery than I would typically like for a blush so I have used them for either topping shades or highlights.  The right two shades have less shimmer and more pigment so those have been my go-to for stand-alone blushes.

makeup revolution golden sugar 2 rose gold - the beauty puff

The pigmentation is very good throughout the shades but if you prefer matte blushes, this may not be your top pick.  If you're looking for a highlight/blush palette that can work in multiple ways with products you already own, this is perfect.  I love using some of these shades to top my matte blushes and highlight as well.  Overall, a great palette for the price and I love the rose gold inspired tones!

makeup revolution chauffeur - the beauty puff

Chauffeur Lipstick  |  The Rose Gold lipstick collection contains five shades, from nude to bold.  Chauffeur is the lightest in the collection.  It is the ideal, wearable nude that can compliment a variety of skintones.  It has a beautiful mix of pink and brown that makes it a fantastic everyday shade.  The formula is creamy, opaque and very comfortable on the lips.  

makeup revolution chauffeur - the beauty puff

I wouldn't categorize this as a long-wearing lipsick, but for the price, that doesn't much matter to me.  I'd rather have a comfortable, gorgeous shade personally!  Other shades in this collection include Girl's Best Friend (pink), Red Carpet (red), Diamond Life (berry red), and Private Member's Club (deep vampy purple).

makeup revolution rose gold swatches - the beauty puff
L to R  |  Palette top row, bottom row, Chauffeur

You can find the Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Collection on the Ulta website below!

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