Cosmedicine Private Nurse

Hyaluronic acid is something I look for in a lot of skincare for its ability to thoroughly hydrate and nourish the skin.  This is one of the main ingredients in Cosmedicine's Private Nurse Night Cream.  This concentrated cream combines hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate, which helps skin absorb moisture more thoroughly.

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cosmedicine private nurse - the beauty puff

Benefits  |  While my skin doesn't have deep wrinkles yet, I definitely look for products that help with fine lines and give my skin a boost of hydration.  This nourishing cream softens fine lines and plumps even deep wrinkles so skin looks healthy and more youthful in the morning.

Formula  |  I love the richness of this cream - it only takes a little bit to cover the face.  This thick, comforting formula is ideal for nighttime and I will definitely enjoy it going into fall when the weather gets cooler and my skin needs more TLC.

cosmedicine private nurse - the beauty puff

Ingredients  |  Cosmedicine's Private Nurse has a 10% concentration of hyaluronic acid in its most powerful form.  It also contains Cosmedicine's MegaDose Nutritional Complex.  Other ingredients include:

Bamboo Extract  |  antioxidant that reduces appearance of fine lines
Castor Oil  |  purifies skin
Pea Extract  | brightens
Peptides  |  regenerate
Pomegranate Extract  |  antioxidant
Vitamin C  |  antioxidant that helps skin resist sun damage
Yeast Extract  |  reduces hyperpigmentation

Packaging  |  Cosmedicine has some of my favorite packaging.  Each product looks like a present all on its own with beautiful presentation and luxurious materials.  Private Nurse comes in an elegant little jar with the signature Cosmedicine "C" stamped on the cover.

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