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If you're longing for that summer glow, but don't want to damage your skin to achieve it, self-tanners are the way to go.  Vita Liberata has an entire range of gorgeous products to help get your skin summer-ready and get that radiant, sun-kissed look.  One of them is their Self Tan Dry Oil, which protects with SPF 50.

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vita liberata self tan dry oil - the beauty puff

Dry oils are something I've typically thought of in terms of hair.  I haven't had too much experience with them in my skincare routine.  One of the things I like about a dry oil being incorporated into a self-tanner, is that it absorbs quickly and also hydrates my skin at the same time.  The Vita Liberata Self Tan Dry Oil contains natural oils such as Marula oil, Tahitian Monoi oil, Lemongrass oil, Bitter Orange Flower oil, and Coconut oil.  Skin is left soft and smooth after application, but not greasy.  You're also getting an SPF of 50 in this product which is another bonus.  For proper sun protection, it is recommended that you apply about 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and reapply at least every two hours.

The Packaging  |  The bottle itself is frosted glass.  The top has a dispenser with a small hole so you don't have to worry about product pouring out if the bottle gets tipped over.  While this is beneficial for accidental spilling, it does make dispensing the product a bit more time consuming.

The Application  |  When I applied this oil, I used my hands, but you could also use a mit if you happen to have one.  I worked in small sections to be sure each area was coated evenly.  I found it to spread out well, but was careful not to concentrate the product on areas such as my knees or ankles.  Overall, it was fairly easy to get an even, thorough layer of product.

vita liberata self tan dry oil swatch - the beauty puff

The Color  |  I absolutely love the color of this self tanner.  It's not the least bit orange and despite my skin being light, I didn't find it to be too dark or unnatural.  I also found that this formula worked much better than other products I've tried that appeared patchy or didn't "take" on certain areas on my legs.  You can build the color depending on your taste and skintone so it's a very versatile product.  Note the swatches above, taken on my arm, with both one and two layers of product.

The Longevity  |  With a good coat of this oil I would say the color lasted about a week, but it will probably be less if you use exfoliators or body sponges.  If you put on a small amount of product, you'll get a hint of color that will wear off a bit more quickly.  Also, it is recommended that you don't rinse for at least an hour, but preferably eight hours to prolong the color.

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